In the Matter of MB: In juvenile court, Taylor defended a fourteen-year-old charged with breaking or entering. Taylor subpoenaed and viewed all the police dash- and body-camera footage. Two weeks before trial, Taylor filed an 11-page motion to suppress the eyewitness identification of her client, arguing that the police did an improper “show-up” identification that was highly suggestive.  On the day of trial, the prosecutor informed Taylor that she agreed with the motion and dismissed the case.

State v. BF:  Taylor defended B.F., who was accused of assault on a female. At trial, Taylor effectively cross examined the accuser and secured a not guilty verdict for her client.

State v. WC: Chris and Taylor defended W.C., a college student who was accused of misdemeanor sexual battery after what might be described as a drunken hookup.  Although this was a misdemeanor charge, North Carolina mandates sex offender registration if convicted. Taylor and Chris thoroughly investigated the case for many months, interviewing witnesses and examining text message and social media data. Eventually, the District Attorney’s office dismissed the charge.

State v. R.C.: Chris defended a husband who was accused by his wife of assault on a female. Chris and Taylor compiled photos, videos, and text messages showing the inaccuracies of the accuser’s story. At trial, Chris effectively cross examined the state’s witnesses and presented testimony of the responding police officers. The judge found our client not guilty.

College Title IX Sexual Misconduct Investigation: Taylor and Chris defended a UNC-Charlotte student accused of sexual misconduct. They thoroughly investigated the case and fought for their client at a two-day long contested hearing. The school’s hearing officer found the client not responsible on all charges.

College Title IX Sexual Misconduct Investigation: Taylor represented a college athlete who was accused by two persons of rape. During the school’s investigation into the accusations, Taylor hired an investigator who interviewed witnesses and investigated the accusers. Taylor advocated for our client with his school’s Title IX investigator and attended our client’s interview with the investigator. Eventually, the school dismissed the charges.

College Title IX Sexual Misconduct Investigation: A local liberal arts college charged our client with non-consensual sexual acts. Chris and Taylor examined text message and social media data in the case, and provided evidence to the Title IX investigators, and helped our client explain what happened to the school’s investigators and administrators. The hearing board dismissed the case.


Disclaimer: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual factual and legal circumstances.