For 24 years, Fialko has counseled, represented, and defended men and women who are under investigation, accused of a crime, or somehow under the law enforcement microscope.

Chris Fialko specializes in defending individual clients in criminal investigations and prosecutions involving diverse subjects such as healthcare fraud, government contracting and military procurement fraud, tax evasion, FDA drug misbranding, and old-fashioned marijuana drug conspiracy with money laundering.   Fialko is equally comfortable in state and federal court, having conducted many jury trials in both venues.

In defending clients, Fialko believes a thorough defense investigation -- not relying solely on the discovery evidence the government turns over -- is key to achieving the best result for each client.    He also takes fewer cases, in order to spend more time on each one, finding and interviewing witnesses, subpoenaing documents, and hiring experts to review technical issues.  Fialko can counsel a client when to fight, and when to negotiate a plea agreement.

In 2016, Fialko was named Charlotte's Lawyer of the Year in Non-White Collar crime by Best Lawyers.  He has been Board Certified in State and Federal Criminal Defense since 2002, and is a Life Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Although most of his cases are resolved quietly, Fialko is also comfortable in so-called "media" cases.  For example, he successfully represented NFL star Greg Hardy through assault charges, despite the media frenzy.

In January 2016, after 16 years at the law firm of Rudolf Widenhouse & Fialko, Chris left to establish his own firm.  Call him for a free initial consultation.