White Collar Cases

Because businesses act through their employees, not just the owners, many businessmen and women are questioned and examined when a federal agency or prosecutor sets its sights on a company.  Chris Fialko often represents individuals who are witnesses, targets or subjects of investigations by federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, IRS, Secret Service and Customs Enforcement.

In the past few years, Fialko has counseled  individuals in a wide variety of business investigations, including: 

-- Government Contracting Fraud

-- Bank Fraud and Mortgage Fraud

-- Health Care and Insurance Fraud

-- Tax Evasion and Wire Fraud

-- Public Official Corruption and Bribery

-- Securities Fraud and Ponzi Schemes

Regardless whether the individual is a big fish or a little minnow, federal criminal and regulatory investigations are serious, so when a person is approached by a federal agent of any type, he or she should consult with an experienced lawyer before talking.


Drug Conspiracy / Drug Trafficking

Although the momentum in criminal justice is toward decreasing the unjust and excessive sentencing in state and federal drug cases, in reality the federal laws and North Carolina statutes have not changed.  Men and women charged with drug trafficking or distribution offenses usually have three choices:  fight like hell in pretrial motions and at trial, negotiate the best plea bargain possible, or agree to cooperate and provide information to the case agents, police, and prosecutors.  Fialko is equally comfortable going to trial or negotiating a resolution, and can help an accused person parse through these options to make the best choice.

In recent state court drug cases, Fialko has succeeded in gaining better plea offers, or even dismissal of charges after drafting and filing detailed motions to suppress evidence on the basis of unreasonable searches and seizures.


State Court Criminal Cases

Although based in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Fialko has worked on cases in the District and Superior Courts in more than two dozen North Carolina counties throughout the state.  He has fiercely fought for people accused of all types of crimes.  Recent felony cases included charges of embezzlement, forgery of a last will and testament, involuntary manslaughter, operating video poker and gambling devices, sexual assault, and murder.  Regardless of the type of charge, Fialko believes that a detailed review of the evidence, usually including an independent investigation with the aid of private investigators and experts, is key to vigorously defending his clients.

 Assault cases.  Although most assault charges in state court are misdemeanors, being charged with assault -- especially assault on a female -- can have wide-ranging effects on a person's ability to keep or obtain a job, and keep his firearm rights.   This is especially true in North Carolina, where a person can seek (and often obtain) criminal charges against another person simply by signing an affidavit and submitting it to a magistrate -- without any law enforcement screening.   North Carolina has specialized domestic violence courtrooms which can be intimidating.   Recently in those courtrooms, Fialko has successfully defended a retired businessman accused of assault and communicating threats after he cut off a relationship with a young woman;  an NFL star charged with assault in a late-night altercation with his ex-girlfriend; and a local landscaper accused by his girlfriend of harassing phone calls and communicating threats.