Sex Offenses

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Charlotte, NC

An accusation of a sexual assault can damage a person’s reputation, liberty, and livelihood. The attorneys at Fialko Law understand that a thorough investigation is often the key to successfully defending sexual assault allegations. Therefore, we hire experts, such as private investigators and cell phone forensic experts, to aid in the defense of our clients. We have experience trying sex offense cases, obtaining dismissals, and negotiating plea deals that may not result in significant prison time or in sex offender registration.

Recent cases we have defended at Fialko Law include:

  • Misdemeanor Sexual Battery
  • Second Degree Forcible Rape
  • Second Degree Sexual Offense
  • First Degree Statutory Rape
  • Crime Against Nature
  • Indecent Liberties

Those accused of a sex offense should consult an experienced attorney immediately, even if charges have not yet been brought. Always make sure to consult an attorney before talking to the police.